Best-In Class Manual Web Accessibility Auditing

Professional     Testing delivered by IAAP Testers

Support              Recommended code level fixes

Compliance      On-going audits to stay WCAG compliant

Empowering Organisations To Create Accessible And Exceptional Digital Experience For All

Partner With The Experts

Our specialists complete accessibility audits by evaluating the accessibility and compliance level of your website or application and developing a clear remediation strategy. We use our cutting-edge technology to create more efficient, smarter accessibility audits that are tailored around your data and the structure of your site.

This way we can offer comprehensive testing that gives you the best picture of your system’s accessibility and compliance level.

Accessibility testing tools can only go so far in delivering against the WCAG success criteria. Our methodology combines both automated and manual audits which are a critical element for any successful digital accessibility strategy.

Manual Evaluation Executed Using Assistive Technologies

We provide a holistic approach to testing and incorporate a range of assistive technologies including screen readers, keyboards and voice over technology

Development Recommended
Fixes Including Source Code

We’ll provide recommendations on the issues we find and this is delivered by certified accessibility experts and who are also senior web developers.

Testing Delivered By Certified Accessibility Professionals

Out testers are certified by the IAAP (International Association of Accessibility Professionals) and are senior developers, so this means with absolute confidence you’re being provided the best service on the market.

Ongoing Audits And Validation Of Fixes As Implemented To Ensure You Stay Compliant

At SiteAccessibility we pride ourselves on helping make it as easy to stay compliant as achieving it! We provide documentation and a full maintenance plan to ensure you’re always staying compliant.

VPAT And Software Testing

We provide full Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) and Software testing. We deliver conformance documents which demonstrates how well your product, software and digital content meet accessibility standards.

VPATs are used by buyers to determine how accessible a product is and where any potential deficiencies are. They are required by some buyers before a purchase is made.

Manual Web Accessibility Audit

Accessibility solution ensuring all web experiences are accessible and exceptional for every visitor.