The #1 Web Accessibility solution for WCAG & ADA compliance

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Creating exceptional digital experiences

Give your customers an enhanced and full accessible experience

The SiteAccessibility Methodology

We’ve created a unique approach to delivering WCAG & ADA compliance


Simply implement SiteAccessibility into your website in 2 minutes or less, we work with all major platforms and CMS's

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI powered technology analyses and scans every element on your website and optmises it so it's accessible

Manual Testing

Our experts provide manual reviews, testing and recommended fixes by IAAP certified professionals so you always stay WCAG & ADA compliant

Why It’s Our Mission To Help Create Accessible And Exceptional Digital Experiences For All

1 in 5

1 in 5 adults globally are living with a disability


Top 1 Million Home Pages with Errors (2001)


46% over the age of 50 have a disability


Web accessibility lawsuits filed in 2021


Disabilities acknowledged by the ADA & WCAG

$13 trillion

Annual spend of people with disability globally & their families.

WCAG Compliance

Our accessibility methodology allows you to achieve WCAG compliance from day one.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Our vision is to deliver accessible and exceptional experiences for every visitor. Accessibility sets your website apart while at the same time allowing you access to a completely untapped customer base.

Mitigate Legal Risk

Mitigate ADA legal risk with the best defence WCAG compliance.

Here’s how our AI widget Works

We mix two core components to help our customers achieve WCAG compliance.

User Triggered Enhancements

Our accessibility interface is responsible for design changes and user triggered enhancements that empower end users to personalise their experience. This Includes content changes, design and navigation adjustments which mean an exceptional experience for all.

Content Adjustments

Color & Display Adjustments

Navigation Adjustments

AI Powered Remediation

They second component is our AI-powered remediation which automatically fixes accessibility violations. We use machine learning to solve the most complex of accessibility violations on the fly including those needed for keyboard navigation and screen readers.

Screen-reader Adjustments

Keyboard navigation Fixes

24/7 automatic maintenance

SiteAccessibility Makes Manual Testing Easy

Manual evaluation executed using assistive technologies

Development recommended fixes including source code

Testing delivered by certified accessibility professionals

Ongoing audits and validation of fixes as Implemented to ensure you stay compliant

#1 Web accessibility solution for WCAG compliance

Powering exceptional and accessible digital experiences for every visitor

About Us

SiteAccessibility was born from a shared vision by our founders whose dream it is to enable websites all over the world to become accessible.
Our combination of intuitive technology and accessibility methodology helps brands improve digital experiences, reduce online customer frustrations and create a more inclusive website which ensures accessible online experiences for all. Our end goal is for users to have an experience they love, free of barriers and one they deserve.